Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where It All Begins: Acts of Rebellion in the South

My story/journey began in a very tiny town in SC.....2 stoplights, no mcdonalds, high school of less than 600 people. As a child, I was so bored by that place. I was LUCKY to have divorced parents; my dad took my brother and I on some really fabulous vacations. Jamaica, up and down the east coast, all over the midwest, weekend trips in nashville, a few weeks at his home in get the picture, i got to see a lot, do a lot. Most kids from my hometown have never left the south, and really have no desire too.

In middle school, I was cute. I was flat chested, super thin and super tiny, but very athletic. Middle school was tough; all of my friends had big boobs, their periods, boyfriends, and wore shit tons of makeup! I had no boyfriend, no period, and wore very little makeup (my mom told me id look cheap, she was right!). Every girl I knew started having sexual experiences at age 11, 12, 13....crazy! I was a good girl, until the 8th grade. I started smoking weed, found a love for alcohol, and masturbated for the first time ever. Pretty tame though right? It gets better.....

so, after 8th grade year, i go live with my dad (as usual) for the summer. somewhere during that summer, I blossomed (almost overnight, I swear). I got boobs (A cups, yay!), had my first period, my skin turned beautiful, my body became more proportioned, and I had a great tan and dyed my hair blonde. First day of high school, everyone was trying to find out my name.

strangely enough, my best friends brother took notice of me. one night, over at her house, it was late, i was up watching movies just me and him, next thing i know we are making out. somehow he ended up fingering me, and ive been in love with "sex" ever since.

good sex and bad sex have made and broken many relationships since then, have gotten me through bad times and good times, put me in weird situations, made me friends and lost me friends, but has also proved to make my life so colorful and interesting. thats what this blog is about, life experiences, sex experiences, growing up, showing out, and helping others. keep following and you will understand why Im an expert on sex and relationships. :)